INEOS Mass Balance Raw Materials Supports Covestro Polycarbonate Production

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Supporting clients in achieving their sustainability goals

Covestro will produce high-performance polycarbonate plastics from two carbon-reduced raw material products from INEOS’ INVIRIDIS™ family, phenol and acetone, based on a mass balance approach. Polycarbonate is used in automotive components such as headlamps, as well as in electronic device housings, light guides and lenses, medical devices, and a variety of high-value applications.

“By switching to the use of renewable raw materials based on mass balance, we aim to significantly reduce indirect emissions in the supply chain and provide products with a lower carbon footprint.” Sucheta, Chief Commercial Officer of Covestro
“In this way, we are helping our customers achieve their climate goals and accelerating the transition to a circular economy,” said Govil.

Representing circular intelligenceCQbrand suffix

Wang Li, Global President of Covestro’s Engineering Plastics Division, highlights the additional benefits for customers: “We provide customers with a ready-to-use solution that they can quickly and easily integrate into their existing production process without any technical modifications. These products have the same excellent quality as fossil-based products.” Covestro provides customers with Makrolon®
Mass balanced polycarbonate grades RE, Bayblend® RE, Makroblend® RE and Albar® RE. These products are the company CQ (Circular
Intelligence) part of the Circular Intelligence Solutions family. With the new concept of CQ, Covestro aims to highlight the content of alternative raw materials in products, thus providing clear guidance to customers looking for such products.

The phenol and acetone of the INVIRIDIS™ range are produced by INEOS in Gladbeck, Germany and Antwerp, Belgium using bio-based shares of cumene that do not compete with the human food chain. Both production sites are certified by the internationally recognized ISCC
PLUS and RSB standard certification. These raw materials have a lower carbon footprint than petroleum-based products.

The ISCC PLUS and RSB certifications underscore INEOS’ strong belief in embracing the bio-circular economy and the strong sustainability of INVIRIDIS™ products.

Gordon, INEOS Phenol Business Director
Adams said: “As part of our sustainability strategy, we have developed a more sustainable phenol and acetone product and named it INVIRIDIS™. This new product line provides our customers with a product that meets their stringent quality and performance standards. A ready-to-use option. At the same time, without compromising unique product qualities, we are actively working to drive a climate-friendly development of the industry-wide phenol and acetone economy.”