Lumus CATOFIN® technology was awarded to Fujian 900,000 tons PDH plant

Latest News: On August 23, Lummus, a global provider of process technology and value-driven energy solutions, announced that it has partnered with Fujian Yongrong New Materials Co., Ltd.,
(hereinafter referred to as “Fujian Yongrong”) signed contracts on two important technologies. Fujian Yongrong has selected Lummus’ CATOFIN® technology for its new 900,000-ton propane dehydrogenation (PDH) plant in Fujian Province, China,
Its new 800,000-ton polypropylene plant has chosen Lummus Novolen® technology.

Lumms’ contract scope includes CATOFIN® propane dehydrogenation and
Licensing, basic engineering, training, service and catalyst supply for Novolen® polypropylene technology. The new 900,000-ton CATOFIN® unit in Fujian Yongrong will be the largest propane dehydrogenation unit in the world, alongside another unit licensed by Lummus in China.

“CATOFIN® and Novolen® technologies have a strong market position due to their higher reliability, lower investment and operating costs, excellent environmental performance and simple processes.”
Leon de Bruyn, President and CEO of Lummus Corporation
“In addition to these competitive and cost advantages, Fujian Yongrong will also benefit from the unique technology integration that provides a single point of performance guarantee throughout the entire life cycle of both units, from feed to product output and ongoing operation,” said Mr.

CATOFIN® is an industry-leading process for the dehydrogenation of light paraffins with superior annual yields compared to other technologies in its class. The process operates at reactor pressures and temperatures with thermodynamic advantages,
Maximize propane-to-propylene conversion while reducing capital and operating costs.

Since 2020, Roums-Novolen has added more than 7.3 million tons of licensed capacity,
This makes Novolen technology the most licensed polypropylene technology in the world during the same period. Novolen also provides expanded polypropylene reactors and related engineering, technical support and consulting services,
And provide catalysts for the production of high-performance grades of polypropylene.

Yongrong New Material Propane and Downstream New Material Project Phase I

On June 24, Fujian Yongrong New Material’s 2 million tons/year propane-to-propylene and downstream new material project was approved for the first-phase environmental impact assessment. It is reported that the first phase of the project mainly constructs: 900,000 tons/year propane dehydrogenation (PDH) unit, 36,000 tons/year PSA hydrogen extraction unit, 800,000 tons/year polypropylene (PP) unit and supporting public works and auxiliary facilities Production facilities. The total investment of the project is 8,067.67 million yuan, of which 97.59 million yuan is invested in environmental protection.