Inner Mongolia coal prices fell 1% month-on-month in the fourth week of June

According to the data of the production materials market monitoring system of the Department of Commerce of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region: this week (June 18 to June 24), the average coal price from the sample data of monitored varieties was 862.52 yuan/ton, which was higher than that of last week ( hereinafter referred to as the chain) decreased by 1%. Among them, the average price of anthracite No. 2 washed lump coal was 889.6 yuan/ton, an increase of 0.7% month-on-month; the average price of thermal coal with a calorific value of 5000-5500 kcal was 659.72 yuan/ton, a month-on-month decrease of 0.2%; The price was 1038.25 yuan / ton, down 2.8% from the previous month. Compared with the same period last year (hereinafter referred to as the year-on-year), the prices have risen to varying degrees, of which the price of coking coal, 1/3, has risen the most year-on-year.

The Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Department of Commerce stated that the epidemic prevention and control situation has improved, the coal supply guarantee has been further strengthened, and the market supply capacity has been enhanced. After several weeks of price hikes, coal prices rose weakly and stopped rising. It is expected that the coal market will be stable in the near future and prices will remain high.