Kaixiang Fine Chemicals Spinning Grade PBT Product Feeding Output

Latest News:A few days ago, Henan Energy The PBT polymerization unit of Henan Kaixiang Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. in Mayuan District produced spinning-grade PBT qualified products when the material was put into operation. The series product project has officially entered the pre-installation stage.

In recent years, Kaixiang Fine Chemicals adheres to the development direction of high-end, diversified and low-carbon coal chemical industry, and continues to upgrade and improve the existing industrial chain and product chain. In particular, the company used the direct esterification production process with independent intellectual property rights to modify and upgrade 100,000 tons of spinning-grade PBT products. In October 2021, the construction of a 100,000-ton PBT series product project started. . The PBT, PBS, PBAT and other products produced after the completion of the project can be widely used in the fields of spinning, optical cables, films and other degradable plastics.

“The start-up of the PBT plant will, on the one hand, ensure that the enterprise can maximize the economic benefits of the enterprise under the extremely severe market situation, and on the other hand, will seize and expand the market share of spinning-grade PBT, and on the other hand, will provide the next stage of 100,000 tons / We have prepared personnel and technical reserves for the driving of the PBT series product projects in 2018, which can be described as ‘three birds with one stone’…” said He Jinwei, general manager of the company, deputy secretary of the party committee, and vice chairman of the board.

It is understood that the PBT polymerization device started feeding at 11:30 on September 18, and produced spinning-grade PBT qualified products at 16:00 on September 22. At present, on the one hand, the company is gradually expanding and occupying the domestic spinning-grade PBT market share, and it is called “Kaixiang Brand” to the outside world. develop.