Keshun shares and BASF upgrade partnership to lead change and win in the future

Latest News: On July 29, the signing ceremony of technical exchange and strategic cooperation between Keshun and BASF (China) Co., Ltd. was held in Foshan, Guangdong, officially upgrading the strategic synergy relationship.

BASF Global Vice President Henry Paeckert, BASF Greater China Business Director Liu Shuai and other guests, Fang Yong, President of Keshun Group, Gong Xingyu, Group Vice President/head of R&D Center, and Wang Gang, Director of R&D Center, attended the signing ceremony together. .

At the ceremony, Keshun Co., Ltd. and BASF signed a strategic cooperation agreement. The two parties aim to establish a stable and healthy partnership, realize joint research and development of upstream and downstream industry chains, promote research and development innovation of waterproof products and project technology collaboration, and lead the improvement of waterproof industry quality standards and standardized development. .

Since the cooperation in 2018, KOSUN and BASF have established a solid and close cooperative relationship based on the steady growth of business. The scope of cooperation has expanded from a single product line to a diversified business line, and actively explored innovative project cooperation models to build R&D collaboration. technology platform, and continuously expand and deepen the fields of cooperation.

At the meeting, Group President Fang Yong said that BASF and Keshun have been deeply involved in the waterproof industry for many years. From material supply to coordinated development, the two sides have complementary advantages and mutual benefits, and jointly promote the high-quality development of the waterproof industry with high-value innovative products and service levels. .

This strategic signing opens a new chapter in the course of cooperation between the two parties. Keshun expects to join hands with BASF to meet new opportunities for development in the new round of market economic changes, and lead the changes in user needs and the industry with high-quality technical products and innovative service concepts. Transform and upgrade, and join hands to create a new era of green building materials.

Sustainable development, innovation, and process optimization are important business concepts of BASF, which are highly compatible with the core concepts of Keshun. Henry Pang, Vice President of BASF
Paeckert said that the two sides have a high sense of identity in terms of business strategy, service concept, corporate culture, etc., laying a solid foundation for mutual cooperation and long-term planning.

BASF hopes to take this opportunity of cooperation and join hands with Keshun to create a new situation of sustainable enterprise development and healthy competition in the waterproofing industry, continuously realize self-reform and industrial innovation, improve production and supply capabilities and market service efficiency, and win core competitiveness through process optimization.

Create and share with long-term peers. On the same day, Keshun and BASF also successfully held a technical exchange meeting to jointly explore the application of advanced materials and innovative solutions in waterproof materials. The two parties agreed to benchmark market demands and technical standards, discuss solutions and technical measures for waterproofing projects, share the latest laboratory results, discuss the direction of innovative cooperation, and develop innovative products and service solutions that meet market development trends and meet the actual needs of customers.

In addition, BASF and his delegation also visited the exhibition hall and R&D laboratory of Keshun, and fully exchanged the business philosophy of “Technology Keshun, Innovation Keshun, and Service Keshun”.

“A hundred years of beautiful buildings with mankind” is the common value goal of KOSUN and BASF. In the future, the two parties will seize the development opportunities of energy reform, technological revolution and industrial upgrading, deepen and expand cooperation fields, improve the level of scientific and technological innovation, and empower beautiful buildings in China and even the world with high-standard, high-quality and high-level technical products, so that Green, beautiful and sustainable development will follow along on the journey of joint progress and vigorous development of both parties!