Lhasa, Tibet: 725 Oil Depot Expansion and Reconstruction Project Completed

Xinhuanet Lhasa, July 1st (Gandanyangqi) On the morning of the 30th, the main completion ceremony of the expansion and reconstruction project of PetroChina Tibet Sales Company’s 725 oil depot was held in Duilong Deqing District, Lhasa City. After the completion of this expansion and reconstruction, it can realize the automation of sending and receiving oil, safety and fire protection, oil and gas monitoring automation, oil tank liquid level automatic monitoring and early warning, and become a modern oil product depot with the largest storage capacity and the highest automation level in Tibet.

The 725 oil depot is located in Duilong Deqing District, Lhasa City. In order to meet the economic development of Tibet and improve the ability to ensure the supply of refined oil products in Tibet, since its completion and operation in 1976, the 725 oil depot has undergone several expansions and renovations, and the total storage capacity has been continuously expanded. After completion, it will greatly meet the supply needs of the developing oil product market in Tibet in the future.

On May 11, with the completion of the docking of the last tank wall plate of the newly built 5,000-square-meter E tank, the main construction of the 9 new storage tanks in the 725 oil depot tank capacity renovation project was completed, and the project construction entered the final sprint stage.

“Since the first batch of storage tanks were officially fired and welded, it took us 46 days to complete the welding of the main bodies and thermal insulation skeletons of 9 storage tanks, setting the record for the shortest construction time for a Tibet sales project.” PetroChina Tibet Sales Company Jin Zhu, assistant to the general manager and head of the oil depot project department, introduced it.

Since the project was approved to start construction on March 29 this year, PetroChina Tibet Sales Company has attached great importance to it, and dispatched various professional backbones of the company to set up an oil depot construction project department, allocating resources from all parties, carrying forward the spirit of old Tibet, and overcoming the difficulties of high-altitude construction , The difficulty of construction personnel entering the Tibet, the delay in the arrival of materials, etc., tilt the work force, and provide “point-pointing” precise services to promote the rapid construction of the project.

“While catching up on the construction period, we strictly control the construction quality and safety. In view of the lack of experience in the construction of oil depots in Tibet, six experienced experts from the Northwest and Yunnan sales companies were dispatched to Tibet for on-site guidance, giving full play to the experts. The advantages and experience of the group have injected strong impetus into the completion of the main body of ‘6.30’,” said Feng Shukun, general manager and deputy secretary of the Party Committee of PetroChina Tibet Sales Company.

Guo Guanghai, Executive Director and Secretary of the Party Committee of PetroChina Tibet Sales Company, said: “It took more than 90 days for the 725 Oil Depot to complete the project goals according to the established milestones, and achieved a phased victory. It will greatly change the long-term resource and transportation pattern in Tibet, break the bottleneck of transportation, storage and supply guarantee, and can comprehensively improve the status quo of oil products entering Tibet by road outside the region, fundamentally alleviate the railway transportation load, improve operation efficiency and optimize resource allocation. Provide energy guarantee for high-quality economic development in Tibet.”