Manali Petrochemical and Econic to produce green polyols in India using CO2 as feedstock

Latest News: Manali Petrochemicals Limited, a subsidiary of AM International Group, announced the signing of a long-term agreement with Econic Technologies of the United Kingdom. Last year, the two companies signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to bring more environmentally friendly, carbon dioxide-containing polyols to the $28 billion global polyol market.

The signing of the long-term agreement sets the stage for the Manali Petrochemical-Econic partnership. It will include a two-year demonstration ramp-up in the 1,300-liter reactor at Manali Petrochemical Plant 1. The next three years will be spent on the industrial scale-up of Manali Petrochemical’s more than 12,000 reactor technologies, as well as the commercialization of the company’s carbon dioxide-containing polyols.

In the initial phase, the Manali Petrochemical and Econic teams will work together to design the required equipment, retrofit engineering, procurement and construction, and the commissioning and operation of the demonstration plant. At the industrial scale stage, the two companies will collaborate to prepare to provide front-end engineering, FEED and EPC work, industrial plant commissioning and operation.

Ashwin, Chairman of Manali Petrochemicals, Founder and Chairman of AM International Group
Muthiah said: “Science and innovation will play a key role in ensuring the implementation of eco-friendly and cost-effective technologies in our manufacturing plants. The collaboration between Manali Petrochemicals and Econic brings significant R&D-led improvements to the production process. In addition to offering greener products to our customers, it reaffirms our ESG commitment to a carbon-neutral planet.”

The partnership between Manali Petrochemical and Econic is unique in India and offers good prospects for the development of Manali Petrochemical’s business value chain. Econic’s patented catalyst and process technology uses waste carbon dioxide (CO2) as the feedstock for the production of polyols. In an increasingly eco-conscious world, a green polyol strategy will also provide the company with a competitive advantage in the $28 billion global polyol market.

Keith, CEO, Econic Technologies
Wiggins said: “We are grateful for the next step in our partnership with Manali Petrochemical and the opportunity to work with them as a pioneer licensee of Econic technology in one of the largest and fastest growing regions in the world. It is an exciting At the moment, we are implementing solutions to meet consumer demand for more sustainable products made from waste carbon dioxide.”

Muthukrishnan, General Manager of Manali Petrochemical Company and CEO of AM International Holdings Petrochemical Division
Ravi said: “At Manali Petrochemical, we are continuously introducing sustainable technologies into our business. Through this, we envision not just financial savings, but eco-friendly solutions to serve our Customers. This partnership with Econic will further propel us to build a cleaner future through the use of alternative energy sources.”

Polyols are the building blocks of polyurethanes. They are used to produce flexible and rigid foams, elastomers, adhesives, sealants and coatings that are used in a wide variety of essential everyday products, from mattresses and car interiors, building insulation and insulation to sports and footwear , protective coatings and industrial products. Econic’s unique catalyst technology incorporates carbon dioxide (CO2) tailored into polyols to meet exact requirements for material properties such as strength, water resistance, flexibility and processability. As a result, polyurethanes made with catalyst technology will be tailored to meet Manali Petrochemical’s wide range of customer requirements.