Shanghai Petrochemical’s carbon fiber composite bars are used in seawall projects

Latest News: Recently, the carbon fiber composite rib developed and produced by the Shanghai Petrochemical Advanced Materials Innovation Research Institute has completed the formwork processing and concrete pouring, and has been successfully applied to the Shanghai Petrochemical seawall safety hidden danger control project. This is the first application of carbon fiber in the seawall project of Shanghai Petrochemical, and the cumulative use of composite bars is 1,250 meters, which is of great significance to further expand the promotion and application of carbon fiber in the field of civil engineering.

It is understood that the carbon fiber composite bars developed and produced by Shanghai Petrochemical are used as raw materials for construction, with light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance and other properties. Its strength is 8-15 times that of ordinary steel, and its specific gravity is only one-fifth of steel. Has ultra-high specific strength and modulus. In practical application, carbon fiber composite bars can effectively solve the corrosion and aging problems caused by seawater infiltration and harsh weather. In addition, from the perspective of the whole life cycle, the use of carbon fiber composite bars to reinforce profiles can not only save energy consumption and reduce carbon emissions, but also save more than 20% of construction costs, with significant environmental and economic benefits.