Oriental Yuhong & Wanhua Chemical Joint Laboratory Held the Opening Ceremony

Latest News: On August 10, the opening ceremony of the joint laboratory of Oriental Yuhong & Wanhua Chemical “Waterproof Materials” was held in Beijing. Li Limin, Vice President of Wanhua Chemical, and Xiang Jinming, Vice Chairman and Executive President of Oriental Yuhong Holdings jointly unveiled the joint laboratory.


The establishment of this joint laboratory is another step to deepen the strategic cooperation between Oriental Yuhong and Wanhua Chemical. The two parties will use the joint laboratory as a carrier, focus on key core technology fields, open up the frontier technology research and development end and industrial application end, strengthen joint scientific research, improve the transformation of scientific research results, and jointly promote the breakthrough and application of new materials, new technologies and solutions. , forming an efficient two-way cycle from technology research and development to product landing.

Strong alliance, complementary advantages. Based on the new stage of development, Oriental Yuhong will take the establishment of the joint laboratory as an opportunity to join hands with Wanhua Chemical to further explore a diversified cooperation model, form the integration and complementation of advantages, and promote the high-quality and stable development of the building materials industry.


During the period, Li Limin and his party visited the State Key Laboratory of Special Functional Waterproof Materials, and listened to Song Jianrong, Director of the State Key Laboratory of Special Functional Waterproof Materials and Manager of the New Materials R&D Department, about the basic research and common key technologies of the company’s application in special functional waterproof materials and technologies. A comprehensive introduction to research, etc.

Ye Ming, Deputy General Manager of Wanhua Chemical Polyurethane Branch, Wang Xiaoxing, General Manager of Wanhua Beijing, Gu Yu, Deputy General Manager of Wanhua Chemical Surface Materials Business Department, Tong Le, Sales Manager of Wanhua Chemical Polyether Business Department, and Director of Purchasing and Supply of Oriental Yuhong Holdings Yang Xiaofei, Qi Fen, Human Resources Director of Oriental Yuhong Holdings, Wang Yan, General Manager of De Aiwei R&D Center, and Gao Li, General Manager of Hongjia Industrial Coatings Company attended the unveiling ceremony.