Zhongtian Kesheng has broken the monopoly of international industry giants through the upgrading and transformation of 10,000 tons/year of aliphatic polyurethane elastomers

Latest News: Zhongtian Kesheng (Shanghai) Enterprise Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Zhongtian Kesheng”) located in Tangu Green Bay Industrial Park is mainly engaged in green high-end polyurethane elastomer, functional Development and production of films and other products. “The company just passed a project for the upgrading and transformation of a new material technology with an annual output of 10,000 tons of aliphatic polyurethane elastomers last week. It is expected that it will bring 350 million yuan in sales revenue after it is put into production.” Chen Sheng, the general manager and chief engineer of the company, is full of confidence Full introduction.

For a long time, the raw materials of aliphatic polyurethane elastomers have been monopolized by several international chemical giants. Zhongtian Kesheng has broken through the problem of “stuck neck” of this high-end raw material by continuously cultivating subdivision fields and increasing investment in scientific research. The domestic technology of such materials is blank, and the localization of this new material will be realized. “According to our technology and market demand, we have to take a high-end, differentiated competition route.” Chen Sheng said. This material can make high-end car paint film, directly replace the original painting link of the car, and perfectly replace the spray painting, the largest emission link of VOCs in the automobile manufacturing process. Moreover, its effect is comparable to the advanced color, brightness and texture of the original paint. “The application of our products to automobile manufacturing in the future can help car companies reduce pollution and achieve the goal of peaking carbon emissions.”

In the past two years, due to the explosive growth of scientific and technological innovation, Zhongtian Kesheng has 27 practical patents and 2 invention patents, and has successively won the National Science and Technology Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Technology Innovation Fund, Shanghai High-tech Enterprise, Shanghai It has been awarded the titles of Municipal Specialized, Specialized and New Enterprise, Shanghai Science and Technology Little Giant Cultivation Enterprise, and Jinshan Gazelle Enterprise. Its product technology has improved the supply demand of the domestic green high-end elastomer market, and promoted and promoted the domestic green high-end environmentally friendly elastomer industry.

During the epidemic, the raw material products developed by Zhongtian Kesheng have reached the first-class level in the industry due to their higher breathability and moisture permeability, and are widely used in medical protective clothing, medical surgical gowns, Band-Aids and other fields. From April to May this year, the factory stepped up production and completed related orders of 50 million yuan, making a positive contribution to the epidemic prevention and control work.

Bravely stand at the head of the tide, chase the waves, and set sail again. The “high-end and differentiated” technology products of Zhongtian Kesheng are exactly the new direction sought by more and more enterprises in the Tangu Green Bay Industrial Park for their transformation and development.