Modern coal chemical industry coal series standards have been implemented

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On July 1, 2022, the series of quality standards for modern coal used in coal chemical industry, drafted by China Coal Science and Industry Group Coal Science and Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd. 2021), “Commercial coal quality coal for fixed bed gasification” (GB/T 9143-2021), “Commercial coal quality entrained bed gasification coal” (GB/T 29722-2021), “Commercial coal quality medium and low temperature heat Decomposition Coal” (GB/T 25210-2021) and “Commercial Coal Quality Direct Liquefaction Coal” (GB/T 23810-2021) (hereinafter referred to as “series standards”). The implementation of this series of standards has made the raw coal quality management of coal chemical projects have standards to follow, accurately improved the matching of raw coal quality and coal chemical process from the source, and rationally allocated coal product structure and optimized under the background of the “two-carbon” target. It is of great significance to improve coal consumption methods and improve coal utilization efficiency.

China is the country with the largest modern coal chemical industry in the world. Ensuring the matching of raw coal and coal chemical technology and improving the management level of raw coal used in coal chemical industry are the premise and foundation for promoting the high-quality development of the modern coal chemical industry. Based on more than 60 years of research and accumulation in the field of coal chemical application, and relying on the research and practical accumulation of coal quality in coal chemical projects, the National Key Research and Development Program Project “Research on Key Technology Standards for Coalbed Methane, Shale Gas and Modern Coal Chemical Industry” Under the support, it has undertaken the revision of a series of standards. From March 2019 to April 2020, the standard revision plan was successively approved and approved by the National Standards Committee, and the Coal Academy of Sciences organized relevant enterprises, universities and scientific research institutions to form a standard preparation team to jointly undertake the standard development work.

In terms of specific technical content, the series of standards stipulate the limits of quality indicators such as ash content and sulfur content of various types of coal for coal chemical industry. In the setting of other process indicators, full consideration is given to the effect of different coal chemical conversion pathways on the process properties of commercial coal. At the same time, the requirements for the content limit of harmful elements in coal and the identification, transportation and storage of commercial coal products are proposed. The release and implementation of the series of standards will provide a technical basis for the market supervision of commercial coal quality in my country’s coal chemical industry and the quality management of raw coal in coal chemical projects, improve the matching of coal used in modern coal chemical projects and production processes, and ensure the quality of modern coal chemical projects. The stable operation provides strong technical support for the clean and efficient utilization of coal in my country.