With a total investment of 8.36 billion yuan, Fuhua Gulei plans to build a new project

Latest News: On August 5th, Fujian Fuhua Gulei Petrochemical Co., Ltd. “annual production of 200,000 tons of hexamethylene diamine, 300,000 tons of adipic acid and 400,000 tons of nylon 66 project” EIA document Accepted.

The following is a basic overview of the project:

Project name: Project with an annual output of 200,000 tons of hexamethylene diamine, 300,000 tons of adipic acid and 400,000 tons of nylon 66

Constructor: Fujian Fuhua Gulei Petrochemical Co., Ltd.

Construction location: In Gulei Petrochemical Base, Gulei Economic Development Zone, Zhangzhou, Fujian.

Nature of construction: New construction

Total project investment: 8,362,101,600 yuan, and the total environmental protection investment is about 208,900,000 yuan, accounting for 2.5% of the total project investment.

Project area: The project covers an area of ​​740,848.45m2 and a building area of ​​112,000m2.

Total capacity: 1158

Annual operation time: 8000h, running in four shifts and three times.

Construction period: 2022.12~2025.12.

Unit production scale:

This project is 200,000 tons of hexamethylene diamine, 300,000 tons of adipic acid and 400,000 tons of nylon 66 from Fujian Fuhua Gulei Petrochemical Co., Ltd.

The main production units of this project include nitric acid unit, cyclohexanol unit, adipic acid unit, hexamethylene diamine unit, methyl pentanediamine unit, nylon 66 unit, as well as tank farm, refrigeration station, circulating water station, fire water system, foam Stations, sewage treatment stations, substations, comprehensive buildings and other public works and auxiliary production facilities.

General process description:

This project uses the adiponitrile produced by the butadiene method adiponitrile production technology as the raw material (the adiponitrile is the purchased raw material), and the produced adiponitrile is hydrogenated by the low-pressure hydrogenation method to produce the Hexanediamine products. Cyclohexanol is produced by partial hydrogenation of benzene, followed by oxidation to produce adipic acid. Adipic acid and hexamethylene diamine are subjected to a salt formation reaction to obtain nylon 66 salt; the nylon 66 salt is passed through a slicing device, concentrated, polycondensed, diced, dried and packaged into a final nylon 66 sliced ​​product. The annual operating time is 8000 hours.

Economic Analysis:

According to the project feasibility study report, the total investment of the project is 8,362,101,600 yuan, the average annual operating income during the operation period is 8,645,921,400 yuan, the average annual total profit is 1,505,665,200 yuan, and the net profit after income tax is 1,129,248,900 yuan. The total investment rate of return of the project is 17.69%, and the net profit rate of capital is 45.01%. The after-tax capital investment payback period is 7 years. From the perspective of financial evaluation, the project is feasible and has good economic benefits. From the economic investment sensitivity analysis, it can be seen that the project has a strong ability to resist investment risks, so it is feasible to analyze the project from the perspective of economic benefits.

—Combined with the adiponitrile project! Form a closed loop of the industrial chain

The raw materials required for the hexamethylene diamine and nylon 66 projects in this EIA come from the company’s upcoming adiponitrile project. It is reported that another project of Fuhua Gulei Petrochemical “with an annual output of 400,000 tons of adiponitrile, 26
10,000 tons of acrylonitrile and raw material supporting project” EIA report was officially approved on July 21, 2022.

The proposed project site is located in Gulei Petrochemical Base, Gulei Economic Development Zone, Zhangzhou, Fujian. The total investment is 14.84 billion yuan. The construction period is planned to be from December 2022 to December 2025.
10,000 tons of adiponitrile, 260,000 tons of acrylonitrile and adiponitrile, methylglutaronitrile and liquid ammonia provided by the raw material supporting project are used as raw materials to produce hexamethylenediamine, methylpentanediamine and nitric acid products.