Production is imminent! The Shenghong refining and chemical integration project with a total investment of 67.7 billion 1.1 million tons of ethylene and other 3 sets of equipment has been handed over!

Latest News: Recently, Guoxin Supervision Group undertook to supervise the 1.1 million tons/year ethylene unit and 30,000 tons/year styrene unit of the ninth bid section of the Shenghong refining and chemical integration project with the largest single-process scale in China. The extraction unit and the 550,000-ton/year pyrolysis gasoline hydrogenation unit successfully achieved high-standard handover, and were officially transferred to the production preparation stage.

The integrated project has also achieved a number of project nodes recently. In addition to the ethylene and other units mentioned above, on July 30, the 2.8 million tons/year PX unit of the integrated project was successfully delivered. The daily 2 million tons/year aromatics extraction unit was handed over two days ahead of schedule, and another important node was successfully reached after the 3.5 million tons/year disproportionation unit was successfully handed over on June 30. The smooth handover of the unit marks the full realization of the goal of the transfer of the 2# aromatics complex project of Shenghong Refinery and Chemical Integration. The 2.8 million tons/year PX unit adopts the patented technology and process package of the American Lummus crystallization process. After the device is put into operation, it will play a huge role for Shenghong Group to quickly enter the field of new energy and new materials, and accelerate the formation of an industrial matrix of “refining + polyester + new materials”.

Shenghong refining and chemical integration project

Shenghong Refining and Chemical (Lianyungang) Co., Ltd. is located in Lianyungang City, Jiangsu Province. The total investment is about 67.7 billion yuan. 100 million yuan, with profits and taxes exceeding 20 billion yuan. The construction scale is 16 million tons/year of oil refining, 2.8 million tons/year of aromatics, 1.1 million tons/year of ethylene and other downstream products; supporting 300,000 tons of crude oil terminals, 4 50,000-ton liquid chemical terminals, 3 million cubic meters of storage and public utilities Engineering Island, etc.

At the same time, in order to thicken the downstream industries of ethylene and propylene in the integrated project, in July 2021, the Shenghong refining and chemical integrated product optimization project (2# ethylene glycol + phenol/acetone) passed the EIA announcement, and will build 10/900,000 ton/year 2# ethylene glycol” plant and “40/250,000 tons/year phenol/acetone” plant, the construction period is expected to be 3 years. The total investment is 5.573 billion yuan.