Since its listing, the cumulative R&D investment of 5.6 billion yuan Anta Sports has released two core technologies

Latest News: On August 8th, Anta Sports held its annual innovation and technology conference and released a new Olympic champion running shoe, which is equipped with two core technologies – Anta nitrogen technology platform and carbon tube suspension system.

According to Anta Sports, under the support of nitrogen supercritical foaming technology, the energy return rate of the midsole of the new Olympic champion running shoes has reached a high level of 82.6%, the tolerance has increased by 33%, and the overall cushioning performance has increased by 26%. The new carbon tube suspension system and high-strength carbon tubes provide strong midfoot support, increasing the stability of running shoes by 23%.

Anta Sports holds the annual scientific and technological innovation conference, which also highlights its pursuit of technological innovation from the side. At present, the company has applied for more than 2,600 patents, which is one of the brands with the largest number of patents among Chinese sports brands. ANTA Sports has recently focused on technical fields such as stereograms, sports shoes, basketball shoes, copolymers, and parts by weight, and its patents with high market value include “an ultra-light and high-rebound ETPU composite shock-absorbing shoe midsole material and its molding method”, etc. .

Since its listing on the Hong Kong stock market in 2007, Anta Sports has invested a total of over 5.6 billion yuan in independent innovation and research and development, and the proportion of research and development expenditures continues to rank among the top listed companies in China’s optional consumer goods. By 2030, the company’s cumulative R&D investment is expected to exceed 20 billion yuan.

Wu Yonghua, executive director of ANTA Sports and CEO of the professional sports group, said that in the future, it will continue to use innovative technology and digital technology to improve the professional performance of ANTA Sports’ sports products, develop targeted running equipment, provide professional running guidance, and innovate smart sports in the future.