Xinri Hengli subsidiary Zhongke New Materials plans to invest 2.253 billion to expand the integration project

Latest News: Xinri Hengli announced that at present, the long-chain dibasic acid project of Ningxia Zhongke Biological New Materials Co., Ltd. (“Zhongke New Materials”), a subsidiary of the company, has been completed and put into production. Zhongke New Materials plans to invest 2.253 billion yuan to expand the 50,000-ton/year long-chain dibasic acid and 50,000-ton/year bio-based new material integration project (“Integrated Project”), focusing on microbial long-chain dibasic acid And long carbon chain polyamide (including high temperature) technology development, production and management.

The announcement shows that after the project is completed, it can produce a variety of long-chain dibasic acids and bio-based long-carbon chain polyamides (including high temperature resistance) series products. One of the amide production bases, which can further improve the company’s industrial chain layout and enhance the company’s profitability.