Since June, the contract progress rate of Shandong Energy Group has been 102.51%

Since June, Shandong Energy Group has supplied a total of 902,100 tons of thermal coal in the province, with a contract fulfillment rate of 102.51%. Recently, high temperatures have continued in all parts of Shandong Province, and the coal consumption of power plants has increased significantly. Shandong Energy Group has taken extraordinary measures such as suspending distribution to market households, reducing shipments to key households, and reducing the amount of clean coal to be washed to maximize the amount of thermal coal resources and make every effort to ensure the smooth operation of power plants in the province, demonstrating the responsibility of the No. 1 state-owned enterprise in Shandong .

Affected by the high temperature weather, the electricity load of Shandong power grid continued to operate at a high level. On the day of the summer solstice on June 21, the electricity load of Shandong power grid reached 92.936 million kilowatts, setting a new peak of 90.224 million kilowatts in 2020 and setting a record high. The coal consumption of 48 main power plants in Shandong Province has exceeded 400,000 tons for several consecutive days, especially on June 21, which reached 455,100 tons. However, due to various factors, the supply and demand situation of thermal coal in Shandong Province continued to be tight.

However, in the past two years, due to factors such as safety, environmental protection, policy-based mine closures, and restrictions on the mining of working faces below 1,000 kilometers, Shandong Energy Group’s coal production in the province has continued to decline, and the amount of available resources has been greatly reduced. The main mines that guarantee the supply of electricity and coal have caused great difficulties in ensuring the supply of electricity and coal.

Shandong Energy Group adjusted its production structure and sales layout in a timely manner, resolutely gave up high-priced middlemen and traders, and directly sent coal to terminal customers, strictly preventing middlemen hype, disrupting coal market prices, and maximizing the amount of thermal coal resources. Stable price guarantee. At the same time, continue to strengthen communication and connection with power companies and power plants, and accurately grasp the power plant’s input, consumption and coal procurement, especially for power plants with heavy power generation tasks, high coal consumption and low inventory, to ensure accurate supply. . From January to May this year, Shandong Energy Group should supply 6 million tons of coal for power supply, and the actual supply was 5.6753 million tons, an increase of 893,000 tons over the same period last year.

Shandong Energy Group has also fully launched the construction of the government’s dispatchable coal reserve capacity during the peak summer season. In 2022, 8 new reserve projects will be planned and constructed, and the infrastructure construction of four links and one leveling and coal storage facilities will be accelerated, and efforts will be made to complete the government dispatchable coal reserve of 3.3 million tons by June 27, and the government dispatchable coal reserve capacity of 4 million tons by the end of July. .