Xinjiang coal transportation main channel expansion and transformation, the transportation capacity will reach 100 million tons

Demolition of turnouts, laying of lines, and shifting of lines… On the 29th, after the intensive construction of the “skylight point”, Diwopu Station was completed and put into use. Since then, the capacity expansion and reconstruction of the Wujiang Railway (from the north of Urumqi, Xinjiang to the Zhundong General Temple) has entered a sprint stage.

“The biggest difficulty of the station renovation project is to ensure the rapid and efficient construction of the renovation without affecting the normal operation of the line.” Bian Da County, the project leader of the China Railway First Bureau, who was responsible for the construction task, introduced that the entire line was constructed in sections and civil works. , electric power, and rail majors work together, and there are thousands of construction workers on site during peak periods.

In recent years, with the rapid economic development, the contradiction between the strong demand for railway transportation and the shortage of transportation capacity has become increasingly prominent. In order to improve transportation efficiency and ensure the transportation of key materials, the Xinjiang Railway Department launched the Ukrainian Railway expansion and reconstruction project in April 2021 to further improve transportation capacity and open up the blockages and pain points of Xinjiang’s coal transportation channels.

“The change from single-track to double-track, and the change of diesel locomotive traction to more environmentally friendly electric locomotives means that in the past, each station could only run one freight train and needed to wait in a ‘queue’. The trains pass continuously without waiting, and the running speed is also greatly improved. In this way, the railway transportation capacity will be doubled.” said Chen Li, deputy director of the Construction Department of China Railway Urumqi Bureau Group Co., Ltd.

The Wujiang Railway has a total length of about 257 kilometers. The line passes through the national Ganquanbao Economic and Technological Development Zone, the state-level Zhundong Economic and Technological Development Zone to the Jiangjunmiao Mining Area of ​​the Zhundong Coalfield in Xinjiang. It is a resource-based railway channel in Xinjiang. Lord, take into account the passenger transport. After the expansion and transformation are completed, the one-way transportation capacity is expected to increase from 50 million tons to 100 million tons.

In recent years, in order to do a good job in freight increments, the Xinjiang Railway Department has developed the Ujiang-Jiang Railway as the main channel for coal transportation in Xinjiang. The annual transportation volume has increased from 1.6 million tons to 50 million tons, generating electricity for enterprises. , heating and Xinjiang coal outbound, southern Xinjiang livelihood coal transportation to provide protection.

In the national “medium and long-term railway network planning”, the Wujiang Railway and the Azhun Railway (Xinjiang Altay City to the state-level Zhundong Economic and Technological Development Zone) form a railway ring line in the northern Xinjiang region, and the Jiangjun Temple to Nao is under construction. The Maohu Railway together constitutes an important part of the northern channel of Xinjiang’s “three major channels”. (Reporters Guan Qiaoqiao and Ding Lei)