Sinochem and Cangzhou jointly build a new chemical material industry base

Latest News: On July 11, Sinochem signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Cangzhou Municipal Government of Hebei Province to cooperate in-depth on new chemical materials industry projects and jointly build Sinochem New Chemical Materials Industry Base.

According to the Cangzhou Municipal Government website, according to the agreement, Sinochem China will take Cangzhou City as a key area for business development, and give full play to the market influence and brand effect of large enterprise groups. The construction focus includes a series of high-level chemical new material industry projects such as TDI and polycarbonate expansion projects and bisphenol A, nitric acid, coal gasification and other supporting raw material projects. In the long term, larger-scale investment will be implemented to further enrich the industrial chain of the Cangzhou base. Make every effort to build a chemical project cluster park and Sinochem Cangzhou outlet. At the same time, it actively promotes cooperation with Cangzhou in many fields such as modern agriculture and environmental governance, urban operation, and industrial finance.

Cangzhou will provide a favorable investment environment and business environment for Sinochem’s development in Cangzhou. Provide maximum support in project approval, element supply, resource allocation, infrastructure support, etc. At the same time, establish a sound communication and coordination mechanism, set up special work classes, and fully ensure the smooth implementation of cooperation projects and boost Sinochem’s business development in Cangzhou.