The total investment is 23.2 billion yuan! High-end polyamide series project signed and landed in Gulei Petrochemical Base

Latest News: On July 13, good news came from Gulei Development Zone. The investment agreement for a high-end polyamide series project with a total investment of about 23.2 billion yuan was officially signed.

It is reported that the project is jointly invested by China Tianchen Engineering Co., Ltd., Fujian Nenghua Group, and Zhangzhou Jiulongjiang Group to jointly develop a high-end polyamide industry chain. A series of new chemical materials projects will be built in Gulei Petrochemical Base.

The cooperation signing of this project will give full play to the resource advantages, supporting advantages and technological advantages of leading petrochemical enterprises such as China Tianchen, Fujian Nenghua Group, Zhangzhou Jiulongjiang Group, etc., which will not only promote the development of Gulei Development Zone to the middle and lower reaches of petrochemical industry and supporting industries It will further promote the integration of petrochemical and modern textile and garment industries in the city and even the province, and it is of great significance to promote the high-end development of the province’s modern textile and garment industry.

Gulei Petrochemical Base is an important support for Fujian Province to build a trillion-dollar petrochemical pillar industry. In recent days, there have been good news about the progress of major industrial projects in the base. The Zhongsha Gulei ethylene project with a total investment of 42.07 billion has passed the approval of the Provincial Development and Reform Commission. Gulei refining and chemical integration The reclamation of the supporting project of the chemical base has passed the acceptance inspection, and Gulei Petrochemical Company has successfully switched to producing new polypropylene products… Gulei Development Zone insists on in-depth implementation of the actions to improve efficiency, improve efficiency, and increase benefits, and promote large projects, good Projects are generated in a rolling manner and continue to advance, and the development trend continues to improve. At present, there are 54 industrial projects in the park that have been put into operation, under construction, signed contracts, and key discussions, with a total investment of about 322.86 billion yuan, an annual output value of about 426.25 billion yuan, and an annual tax of about 37.69 billion yuan.

This year, Gulei Development Zone has established two major industrial chains of “olefin-plastics and aromatics-polyester” around the goal of “first-class”, actively made breakthroughs in “oil head” and expanded to “chemical tail”, and concentrated on tackling land acquisition and sea use. , energy consumption and environmental impact assessment and other factors to ensure bottlenecks, and strive to achieve the “three hundred billion” goal, that is, to achieve the cumulative output value of projects that have been put into operation exceeds 100 billion yuan, the total investment of projects under construction exceeds 100 billion yuan, and the total investment of signed projects exceeds 100 billion yuan. development goals, and fully activate the potential driving force to promote high-quality economic and social development.