The intelligent transformation and upgrading project of Shandong chemical industry has been fully rolled out

Latest News: At present, focusing on the development of high-end, green, safety and environmental protection, the chemical industry in Shandong Province has fully rolled out the online intelligent diagnosis and evaluation and the intelligent transformation and upgrading project of the whole industry.

Shandong is a major tire province, and the tire industry is accelerating its digital upgrade. At the beginning of this year, Linglong Tire, Tencent Cloud and Huazhi Intelligent signed the third phase of new retail based on the previous strategic cooperation. The three parties will integrate their superior capabilities and resources to comprehensively upgrade the Linglong Tire smart marketing platform. , cloud computing base and other high-level infrastructure, to create a benchmark for the digital transformation of the tire industry, and to help the high-quality development of the tire industry.

The “Rubber Chain Cloud” industrial Internet platform built by Sailun Group has also attracted the attention of the industry. The “Rubber Chain Cloud” platform was officially released in 2020. It is the world’s first Internet platform for the rubber industry that has been put into use. It has been applied in many production bases of Sailun around the world. Through the “Rubber Chain Cloud” platform, Sailun has connected more than 3,200 suppliers, more than 2,000 dealers and nearly 60,000 stores, continuously optimized the ecological supply of the industrial Internet industry, opened up the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, and promoted the rubber tire industry chain. digital transformation and high-quality development.

In addition to the tire industry, enterprises in other industries in Shandong have also accelerated the pace of intelligent transformation and upgrading, and have tasted the sweetness.

Through the intelligent transformation of Luxi Chemical, the accident rate of safety and environmental protection has been reduced by more than 60%, and the comprehensive energy consumption has been reduced by 5%, bringing direct economic benefits of hundreds of millions of yuan to the enterprise. In 2021, Luxi Chemical Group was rated as a provincial-level intelligent transformation benchmark enterprise in the chemical industry, and the implemented “zero-discharge technology transformation project for wastewater” was selected as one of the top ten outstanding cases of provincial intelligent green technology transformation.

Wanhua Chemical and Huawei Innovation Center reached a cooperation last year to build a digital base for enterprises in the smart park. Based on a new model of 3D GIS maps, they established the smart brain of the park – the IOC operation center, and realized the visual and controllable supervision of enterprises in the park. , can be managed. Recently, Wanhua Chemical and Guogong Intelligence Co., Ltd. signed an artificial intelligence research and development agreement, and will make full use of digital technology and artificial intelligence technology to promote Wanhua Chemical’s technological innovation. In the future, the two parties will give full play to their respective advantages, jointly carry out the application of artificial intelligence-assisted R&D of new chemical materials, and promote Wanhua’s intelligent upgrade in material development and process optimization through the integrated application of R&D scene data and artificial intelligence technology.

Shandong Haike Group has built more than 30 sets of information systems, and has now realized the digital management of various business execution units such as integrated supply chain management, production execution process management, full life cycle customer management, and product quality management.

In addition, Shandong is also building a smart chemical park in an all-round way. Dongying Port Economic Development Zone, focusing on “5G + chemical industry park” and “artificial intelligence + chemical industry”, pioneered the “digital twin + data middle platform”, and the intelligence level of the entire park has been improved.

According to the person in charge of the Management Committee of Dongying Port Economic Development Zone, the park has realized the transformation from traditional investigation to real-time monitoring, from manual supervision to intelligent tracking, and from fragment application to system integration. The Shandong Provincial Chemical Industry Special Action Office and the Shandong Provincial Department of Finance set up special funds to provide financial subsidies to benchmark enterprises and benchmark parks to create intelligent transformation demonstration models, promote advanced technologies, experience and practices and mature and applicable solutions, and will promote their further exploration. Intelligent transformation of new technologies, new solutions, and new formats.

Regarding the future intelligent development of Shandong’s chemical industry, Li Sha, the former full-time deputy director of Shandong Chemical Industry Special Action Office, said that Shandong’s chemical industry will continue to promote the consolidation of intelligent transformation to achieve new breakthroughs, and start the implementation of intelligent transformation and upgrading projects. Digitization, factory intelligence, operation informatization, park intelligence, production chain platformization, cluster ecology” as the main line, highlighting key industries, and accelerating the application of new generation information technology in chemical parks and chemical industries through pilot diagnosis, benchmarking, demonstration and promotion Enterprise landing application. By 2023, chemical enterprises above designated size in Shandong Province will basically complete the intelligent transformation, and the intelligent level of the whole industry will enter the domestic advanced ranks.