The largest caprolactam expansion project invested by Risun Group was completed and put into operation

Latest News: The reporter learned from Cangzhou Xuyang Chemical Co., Ltd. that the company’s second-phase expansion project of caprolactam held a completion and commissioning ceremony on the 18th.

It is reported that the Cangzhou Xuyang caprolactam project is constructed in three phases. The first phase project with an annual output of 150,000 tons was completed and put into operation on August 28, 2015; the second phase expansion project was fully constructed on May 19, 2020. The main construction contents include : 300,000 tons/year caprolactam plant, supporting construction of 270,000 tons/year cyclohexanone plant, 340,000 tons (35%)/year hydrogen peroxide plant, 80,000Nm3/h blue carbon hydrogen production plant and 300,000 tons/year synthetic ammonia plant and Supporting utilities and auxiliary facilities.

Pan Jiuhai, chairman of Cangzhou Risun Chemical Co., Ltd., introduced that the second-phase expansion project is the construction project with the largest single investment and the highest technology content in Risun Group’s history. After the project is completed and put into operation, the scale of caprolactam can reach 450,000 tons per year, the production capacity of a single plant is at the forefront of the country, the annual sales revenue can reach more than 7.5 billion yuan, and 1,000 jobs will be created, which can completely solve the existing raw material bottlenecks and problems of Cangzhou Risun. The technical bottleneck has laid the competitive advantage of Risun caprolactam in the industry.

Cangzhou Risun Chemical Co., Ltd. is one of the core companies in the new chemical materials sector of China Risun Group (01907.HK). The company’s main product, caprolactam, is the basic raw material for the production of nylon-6 materials. Its end products include nylon garments, industrial cords, nylon films, nylon engineering plastics and other products, which are widely used in daily life. In the past 10 years, with the breakthrough of China’s caprolactam production technology, the domestic nylon-6 industry has developed rapidly. By 2021, the domestic caprolactam production capacity will exceed 5.5 million tons per year, and the total production capacity will reach more than 60% of the world, and it is still at a relatively fast rate. increase.