The national pipeline network has transported nearly 12 billion cubic meters of natural gas to Hong Kong

Xinhua News Agency, Guangzhou, July 2 (Reporter Li Xiongying) The reporter learned from the Guangdong Operation and Maintenance Center of the National Pipeline Network Group (Guangdong Pipeline Network) that as of June 30, the mainland has passed the national pipeline network submarine pipeline for nearly ten years. A total of nearly 12 billion cubic meters of natural gas has been delivered to Hong Kong, boosting the natural gas power generation ratio in Hong Kong to over 50%, and converting electricity to meet a quarter of Hong Kong’s residential electricity needs.

Due to various factors such as geographical constraints, Hong Kong residents could not use natural gas on a large scale before the mainland supplied gas to Hong Kong. In order to promote the green and sustainable development of Hong Kong, the state has included Hong Kong in the overall planning of gas supply, and decided to deliver natural gas to thousands of households in Hong Kong by laying submarine pipelines.

The Hong Kong branch pipeline is operated and managed by the Guangdong Provincial Pipeline Network, with a total length of nearly 30 kilometers. It was completed and put into operation on December 19, 2012, and it has the conditions to supply natural gas to Hong Kong; on March 9, 2013, it officially supplied natural gas to Hong Kong.

The natural gas submarine pipeline for the port passes through the Dashen Channel, Longgu Channel and Tonggu Channel, and more than 3,000 ships pass by every day. In order to prevent problems such as ships from breaking down near the submarine pipeline, the competent authorities arrange patrols along the line every day, about 700 cruises per year.

“In the past 10 years, the Hong Kong branch has continued to deliver high-quality natural gas and clean energy to Hong Kong, which is equivalent to reducing carbon dioxide emissions by more than 20 million tons.” Lai Shaochuan, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Guangdong Pipeline Network, introduced that the supply to Hong Kong is safe, stable and efficient. Natural gas plays an obvious role in improving Hong Kong’s energy structure and contributing to the high-quality development of Hong Kong’s economy and society. In the future, the national pipeline network will continue to strengthen the construction and operation management of the oil and gas pipeline network infrastructure in Guangdong and Hong Kong, further realize the interconnection of natural gas, and promote the further improvement of the ability to ensure supply and peak regulation.