The Yellow Delta High-end Oilfield Services Industry Technology Innovation and Development Forum was held in Dongying Hekou

On the morning of June 30, in Hekou District, Dongying City, Shandong Province, the home event of the Yellow River Delta “Talent Week” Hekou District – the Yellow River Delta High-end Oilfield Services Industry Technology Innovation and Development Forum and Achievement Exchange Conference was successfully held. The event focused on the new trends, new patterns and new ecology of the development of the oil service industry, and invited well-known experts and scholars across the country and key oil service enterprises in the city to gather together to discuss cooperation and friendship, discuss innovation and cooperation, and jointly promote industrial development.

At the event site, experts, professors, business representatives, etc., in the form of “recommendation + negotiation”, focused on the development status and technical blocking points of the Hekou oil service industry, and launched a collision of opinions, inquiring and making suggestions for the transformation, upgrading and development of the oil service industry. offer advice. 7 experts introduced and displayed the latest research results of their teams in turn, reached 16 cooperation intentions of production, education and research on the spot, and completed the on-site signing of 3 school-enterprise cooperation projects.

In recent years, Hekou District has focused on talent-led development and innovation-driven development, closely following the “industrial chain” layout, “talent chain” and “innovation chain”, and striving to build a new era by improving mechanisms, improving policies, building platforms, and optimizing services Talent-strengthening area, creating a talent gathering area with characteristics of the Yellow River Delta.

In the next step, Hekou District will continue to follow up and consolidate the docking results of this conference, identify the needs and points of cooperation between enterprises and universities, actively build a government-school-enterprise cooperation platform, do a good job in various service guarantees, and work together To jointly promote the development of the oil service industry to a new level and empower the high-quality development of the Hekou District. (Lu Qingqing)