The results of production, education and research have landed Changhong Hi-Tech successfully launched ES series of new shoe materials

Latest News: On July 30th, the 2022 major scientific and technological achievements release of shoe materials and the unveiling ceremony of industry-university-research landing was held in Quanzhou. At the meeting, Changhong Hi-Tech announced that it has successfully developed and launched ES series CH216 and CH217 new thermoplastic elastomers together with Fujian Green Environmental Protection Functional Shoe Material Engineering Research Center (hereinafter referred to as the shoe material research center), and more than 60 shoe and shoe material manufacturers Corporate representatives witnessed the release of this innovative material.

The Shoe Material Research Center is a research and development platform jointly established by the Fujian Provincial Development and Reform Commission and Quanzhou Normal University. It has long been focusing on cutting-edge research on shoe materials. Dr. Luo Shuiyuan from the Shoe Material Research Center said at the meeting that the experimental data showed that ES series materials performed well in terms of rebound, hardness, compression deformation and other parameters, and had excellent comprehensive performance. The ES series materials jointly developed by the shoe material research center and Changhong Hi-Tech have broken the monopoly of foreign technology in the field of high-end midsole shoe materials.

At the same time, Peak (China) Co., Ltd. tested the ES series CH216 and CH217 new thermoplastic elastomer shoe materials produced by Changhong High-tech. The trial results further verified that the material can improve the anti-compression deformation performance and resilience performance of EVA foam soles. It has excellent performance in improving soft elastic touch and is suitable for the development of high elasticity and good touch soft elastic midsole and foam products such as insole; not only this, the application of ES series also helps sports shoe companies to control production costs , enhance market competitiveness and have huge market development space.

In addition, related studies have shown that due to the excellent aging resistance, light transmission performance and mechanical strength of ES series products, the material also has broad application prospects in the fields of photovoltaic films and adhesives in the future.

Changhong Hi-Tech is a domestic manufacturer specializing in the R&D, production and sales of thermoplastic elastomers (TPES). The company has a variety of domestic leading new thermoplastic elastomer products, and its production capacity ranks third in China. Since the company landed on the main board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange in August 2020, the company has further accelerated the layout of high-end new products. In terms of SEPS, the company has mastered the core technology of industrial production with independent intellectual property rights, and currently has a SEPS production capacity of 20,000 tons/year, making it the second domestic enterprise with SPES industrialization capabilities; The general trend is to set up a subsidiary company, Changhong Bio, and invest in the construction of a 600,000-ton/year fully biodegradable thermoplastic industrial park PBAT/PBS/PBT flexible and flexible production project. At present, the first phase of the 120,000-ton/year project has been completed and transferred to production During the operating period, the operating efficiency of the company has been effectively improved. The launch of ES series CH216 and CH217 new thermoplastic elastomers further enriched the company’s product line.

The ES series CH216 and CH217 new thermoplastic elastomer shoe materials released by Changhong High-tech this time have attracted the attention of the industry. Reached a strategic cooperation agreement.