The second-phase production line of Qixiang Tengda’s 200,000 tons/year maleic anhydride expansion project was completed and put into operation

Latest News: On the evening of July 8, Qixiang Tengda announced that the second-phase production line of the 200,000-ton/year maleic anhydride project invested and expanded by the company has been completed, and the installation process has been completed and successfully produced. Produce qualified products and achieve a successful drive. After the second phase of the project is put into operation, the company’s maleic anhydride product production capacity will exceed 400,000 tons per year. In the follow-up, the company will further optimize the relevant process parameters according to the operation of the device, so that the device can reach production as soon as possible.


It is reported that the 100,000-ton/year production line of the first phase of Qixiang Tengda’s 200,000-ton/year maleic anhydride project has been completed and put into operation in May 2022. At present, the first-phase 100,000-ton/year maleic anhydride plant is running smoothly and has reached the design capacity.

Qixiang Tengda said that the completion and operation of the 200,000-ton/year maleic anhydride expansion project will form a scale effect with the company’s original maleic anhydride production line, which will help to further expand domestic and foreign market shares and further highlight the company’s production technology in the field of maleic anhydride. Quality advantage, consolidate the company’s leading position in the maleic anhydride industry, enhance the company’s competitiveness and voice in the same industry, and enhance the company’s comprehensive competitiveness.