The total investment is 27 billion! Karamay will build 500,000 tons of polylactic acid!

Latest News: Recently, Karamay City successfully signed 3 key projects at the signing ceremony of “Cooperation to the Future” – Key Investment Promotion Projects held at the 7th China-Asia-Europe Expo, with the contract amount reaching 44 billion yuan. This includes the Huaxia Land Karamay “Cradle Economy” Ecological Circulation Industrial Park project with a total investment of 27 billion yuan. This project fills the blank of Karamay City in the field of biomass chemical industry.

The project investment company plans to invest in the construction of a biomass chemical industry project in Baijiitan District (Karamay High-tech Zone), Karamay City. The total investment of the project is 27.029 billion yuan, which will be constructed in four phases.

The first phase mainly builds office buildings, R&D centers, dormitories, canteens and other living areas, as well as a 400,000-ton polylactic acid modified plastic film production line and a 2 million-ton microbial organic fertilizer production line;

The second phase mainly builds 1.5 million tons of corn storage granaries, 20 million sets of polylactic acid special clothing production lines, and 1.8 million tons of corn straw board production lines;

The third phase mainly builds 1.5 million tons of commercial corn starch production line, 75,000 tons of biological extraction corn germ oil production line, 750,000 tons of lactic acid production line, and 500,000 tons of polylactic acid production line;

The fourth phase mainly builds a logistics park with an annual cargo throughput of 10 million tons.

“The ‘housekeeper-style’ all-round service has enhanced our confidence in investment and development in Xinjiang, and is the primary factor for us to settle in Xinjiang.” said Lin Fei, chairman of Huaxia Dadi (Gansu) Biomaterials Co., Ltd.