Trelleborg Polyurethane Hydraulic Scraper Provides More Protection for Aerospace Applications

Latest: Trelleborg Sealing Solutions recently introduced a polyurethane-based scraper/seal device to prevent contaminants from entering aircraft landing gear.

The new “Hydraulic Scraper”, labeled Zurcon Excluder ESA, is specifically designed to keep contaminants out of shock absorbers used in the aerospace industry.

Trelleborg explained in a press release that the design “combines optimal scratch performance with advanced wear resistance for extended shock absorber life” and features an “energized elastomer” O-ring seal The ring, is said to ensure effective performance especially when the scraper is subjected to side loads at both low and high temperatures.

Made from Trelleborg’s wear-resistant Zurcon polyurethane material, the blade operates in a temperature range of -54°C to +107°C under flight conditions.

The design includes a 90-degree lip to improve performance and keep contaminants out of the shock strut’s lower bearing. The beveled OD sealing lip fits securely into the scraper gland and facilitates assembly.

The company added that a specific range of elastomer materials allows the O-ring to be matched to the specific media used in the application.

Marc, Aerospace Project Engineer, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions
Flageole noted that the design “uses standard dimensions to accommodate existing hardware designs commonly used in aircraft landing gear shock absorbers. This simplifies seal specifications and ensures easy installation into common sized closed glands.”