Trinseo’s High-Transparency Thermoplastic Elastomer Enables New Transparent Masks

Latest News: Recently, TRINSEO and Taiwan Yuanqiang International Co., Ltd. launched the latest transparent masks. This transparent mask solves the problems of traditional masks “covering the face” and difficult to unlock the face with electronic devices. The key solution to this is the transparency of the transparent material. Taiwan Yuanqiang International Co., Ltd. selected Trinseo
RAPLAN™ TPE material is used as the main part of the clear and transparent design of the mask.



Trinseo and Taiwan Yuanqiang International Co., Ltd. launched the latest transparent masks. Image credit: Trinseo.

Trinseo RAPLAN™ TPE transmits light up to 90%

Trinseo RAPLAN™ TPE is a highly transparent soft plastic with a light transmittance of up to 90%, making the design of the mask clear, transparent and beautiful. RAPLAN™ TPE
It not only has high transparency, but also is easy to process. After the inner layer of the mask is processed, it can prevent the moisture exhaled during speech from forming mist inside the mask, so that the wearer can not only clearly show their expressions and show their own feelings when communicating. Makeup, more convenient The wearer can unlock the face of the electronic device without taking off the mask, which is safe and convenient.

In addition, due to the excellent flowability of RAPLAN™ TPE, it can bring greater flexibility to the design of the mask, making the mask fit the face shape of the person better. While RAPLAN™ TPE
The excellent heat-resistant deformation performance and flexural recovery performance make the mask beautiful and stable in appearance, and it is not easy to be distorted and deformed. The part that touches the face is also equipped with a skin-friendly soft sealing ring, which can be more tightly sealed with the face when wearing it, which improves the airtightness of the mask and makes it more resistant to bacteria, and at the same time does not make the wearer feel urgent and comfortable. Breathable again.

Trinseo RAPLAN™ TPE safety and environmental performance

Trinseo RAPLAN™ TPE not only performs well, it is also a safe and environmentally friendly material. The material is halogen-free (no chlorine, bromine, iodine, fluorine) and can be used with confidence. Additional RAPLAN™ TPE
It has chemical resistance to medical cleaning agents. In order to keep the mask clean and hygienic, the wearer can safely clean and disinfect the mask without worrying about the damage to the mask. And RAPLAN™ TPE
Waterproof, scratch-resistant, and reusable, greatly reducing the waste of disposable masks.

This comfortable and environmentally friendly transparent mask will be launched on the market this year.