TSRC launches environmentally friendly TPE protective film material for white goods

Latest News: TSRC launches VECTOR® TPE protective film material
, The product quality conforms to ASTM and national standard GB specifications, and has successfully achieved new applications in the market with a wide range of applications, including: optical films for consumer electronics, automotive and transportation, construction and building materials, furniture, and white goods.

7500 series products are adhesive blends developed by TSRC, which are suitable for co-extrusion protective film adhesive layers. The products are easy to process and use, with stable viscosity and minimal fouling. They not only peel off smoothly, but also have almost no adhesive residues.

The 7500 series is customized to the desired peel strength level for a variety of industrial applications and different protective materials, co-extruded with protective film using a one-step process, and can be supplied during finished product manufacturing, assembly, shipping, storage and installation Just the right amount of protection. In addition to simplifying processing, this family of products reduces volatile organic compound emissions from the manufacturing process. Gradually replace solvent-containing toluene/xylene coating materials on the market, and provide protective film products that are environmentally friendly and safe.

Taiwan Rubber Launches Environmentally Friendly TPE Protective Film Material

TSRC’s styrene-block copolymer (SBC) material solutions create a safer, healthier, sustainable and environmentally friendly low-carbon life through shoemaking, plastic modification, adhesives and a number of special chemical end-use applications. TSRC is headquartered in Taiwan, and provides global services with production bases and marketing networks around the world.