With innovation to the future, can Xilinmen reshape the world mattress pattern in the changing world?

Latest News: It is the trend of the times that the national strength is enhanced, the culture is self-sufficient, and the rise of domestic products. According to “Baidu 2021 Guochao Pride Search Big Data”, the attention of Guochao has increased by 528% in the past ten years. In the past five years, the proportion of Chinese brand search popularity has increased from 45% to 75%, which is three times that of overseas brands. In 2021, the sales of domestic brands of Douyin e-commerce will increase by 667% year-on-year; among the top 10 brands in’s turnover, the proportion of domestic brands will increase from 60% in 2017 to 90% in 2021.

From clothing, mobile phones to automobiles and home furnishing, domestic brands are gradually replacing overseas brands to become the new favorites of young people. The data shows that in 2021, the five domestic mattress brands of Xilinmen, Mousse, Minhua, Gujia and Menglily will occupy the top five in the industry share, pushing the time forward by 40 years. The well-known mattress brand in China is still Simmons in the United States.

Looking back at the development history of the mattress industry, it is not difficult to find that technological innovation is the key factor leading the change of the industry pattern.

The advent of the spring mattress marked the beginning of the modern mattress era. In 1865, the American Simmons invented the spring mattress and became one of the largest spring mattress manufacturers in the world in just 30 years; in 1925, Simmons invented the independent pocket spring technology, which quickly spread in the industry. Popularization; In the 1970s, Sealy produced high-performance spring mattresses with stronger support, and developed latex foam and memory foam mattresses, gradually surpassing Simmons to become the “overlord” of the global mattress industry; 2011 In 2008, Serta broke this pattern. With memory foam technology and gel memory foam, Serta became the number one mattress brand in the United States.

Although Simmons’ spring mattresses are popular all over the world, in China, spring mattresses did not enter thousands of households until after the reform and opening up. China’s mattress industry entered the fast lane of development only after the arrival of the commercial housing era and its entry into the WTO.

Looking back at the development of mattresses in China, there have always been overseas brands. Around 2000, American mattress brands represented by Serta, Sealy and Simmons successively entered China and continued to occupy the mid-to-high-end market. At this time, domestic brands such as Menglily, Mousse, and Gujia were successively established, forming a joint force of domestic brands with the “big brother” Xilinmen founded in 1984, and began long-term competition with overseas brands.

In the mattress market, brown mattresses, memory foam mattresses, latex mattresses, and 3D mattresses have been launched one after another, with increasingly diverse categories and a booming market. According to the “2021 Xilinmen China Sleep Index Report”, from 2002 to 2019
In 2010, China’s total mattress consumption increased from 30.6 billion yuan to 76.8 billion yuan.

Intensifying technology research and development, accelerating channel expansion, and accelerating the digital transformation of traditional manufacturing industries, domestic mattress brands have shown strong vitality on the road of technological innovation. During the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2021, Xilinmen mattress, as a preparation and guarantee product for the national team athletes of the Sports and Training Bureau, provides sports sleep support and guarantee for Chinese athletes who are on the field; The editor-in-chief of the Academy of Social Sciences jointly released the “China Sleep Research Report 2022”, which is also the first blue book report in the field of sleep.

In terms of channels, in 2014, 2017 and 2019, the total number of six domestic brand stores, namely Xilinmen, Mousse, Gujia, Chivas, Menglily, and Suibao, was 5,242, 8,004 and 11,393 respectively. Sealy, Simmons, Kim Keer and other overseas brands.

In terms of innovation, as of September 2021, China’s mattress patent applications accounted for 39.08% of the global mattress patent applications, ranking first in the world, significantly exceeding the United States, which accounted for 26.22% and ranked second. Among them, Xilinmen has accumulated more than 1,000 patents and copyrights, and has been shortlisted in the top 10 applicants for the number of patent applications in the global mattress industry.

The domestic mattress industry has made major technological breakthroughs in recent years. Ruxilinmen launched Smart
Wave Chiropractic Deep Sleep System. It is understood that after the system is equipped, the mattress can automatically adjust the hardness of the spring and change the support force point through the big data algorithm, intelligent recognition and induction of sleeping posture, so as to adapt to people of different body shapes and different sleeping postures. Smart
The air spring technology used by Wave is different from the traditional wire springs in Europe and America, and the support is more accurate. At present, Smart Wave has entered the home and hotel scene, further promoting the construction and popularization of the smart deep sleep ecology.

The development history of China’s mattress industry is part of the evolutionary history of China’s manufacturing industry from weak to strong. The wheels of the times are rolling forward, and the domestic mattress industry is also participating in the competition of the world mattress pattern with increasingly powerful scientific and technological innovation strength.