Xinjiang Zhongtai methanol upgrade demonstration project started

Latest News: On September 28th, Xinjiang Zhongtai New Materials Co., Ltd. started construction of the methanol upgrading demonstration project of comprehensive utilization of resources in Tuokexun County, with a total investment of 6 billion yuan and an annual output of 100 tons of methanol.

On September 20, the signing ceremony of the 7th China-Asia-Europe Expo Cooperation to the Future – Investment Promotion Key Project was officially held. At the meeting, the People’s Government of Tuokexun County and Xinjiang Zhongtai (Group) Co., Ltd. signed a comprehensive utilization of resources. Methanol production upgrade demonstration project. A week later, the project started construction.

In the industrial layout of Toksun County, the output of orchid charcoal is relatively large, and at the same time, it will produce a considerable amount of coal powder and coke foam and other sieves and some waste gas.

“The sieve and waste gas have not been used more scientifically, and are mostly used as fuel.” Zhao Yonglu, chairman of Xinjiang Zhongtai New Materials Co., Ltd., introduced that Zhongtai Group, relying on coal, coal, electricity, coal chemical industry clusters, continues to extend the chain and supplement the chain. Strengthen the chain and accelerate the cultivation of new growth poles and high-quality development power sources. The start of the comprehensive utilization of resources to make methanol upgrade demonstration project reflects this development idea.

“Realize fuel to raw material, raw material to material, form the coupling development of coal chemical industry and petrochemical industry within the Zhongtai Group, and ensure the stability of the industrial chain and supply chain.” Zhao Yonglu said that after the project is completed, the sieve and waste gas can be recycled. Processing, with an annual output of 1 million tons of methanol and 18,900 tons of sulfuric acid, which are used as raw materials for BDO (1,4-butanediol) production, and then used in textile and clothing, organic solvents, degradable materials and other industries.

Li Liangfu, member of the party committee and deputy general manager of Zhongtai Group, said that the construction of this project not only guarantees the stable supply of raw materials for the BDO industry in Zhongtai Group, but also reduces costs and increases efficiency, realizes mutual support between the industries of Zhongtai Group, and is conducive to the further development of acetic acid and Lay the foundation for the production of acetic acid deep processing and other products.

“Relevant departments of Toksun County take the initiative to serve in the front, and fully assist enterprises to go through the procedures for project approval, land use, environmental protection, etc., so as to speed up the project construction and put it into operation as soon as possible.” Li Lianqi, deputy secretary and director of the Party Group of Toksun County Development and Reform Commission, said that the project After completion, it can improve the industrial development level of coal grading, quality and comprehensive utilization, and is of great significance to promoting the transformation and upgrading of the modern coal chemical industry in Toksun, as well as economic and social development.