Yizheng Chemical Fiber 4 million tons of high-end green new material integration project signed

Latest News: On the afternoon of September 27th, the signing ceremony of the 4 million-ton high-end green new material integration project of Sinopec Yizheng Chemical Fiber Company with a total investment of 16.5 billion yuan was held in Yangzhou. Zhang Baojuan, secretary of the Yangzhou Municipal Party Committee, attended the event and delivered a speech. Yu Xizhi, director of Sinopec Group Corporation and vice president of the joint stock company, delivered a video speech. Yangzhou leaders Wang Jinjian, Zhang Changjin and Tang Weihua participated in the event, and Guo Xiaojun, general manager of Yihua Company and deputy secretary of the party committee, introduced the project. Sun Jiannian, Secretary of Yizheng Municipal Party Committee, presided over the ceremony. Liu Jianjun, Deputy General Manager of Yihua Company, signed a contract with Li Lin, Deputy Secretary of Yizheng Municipal Party Committee and Mayor.

In recent years, Yizheng Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. has been based on the new development stage, implemented the new development concept, closely focused on the industrial layout of Sinopec to strengthen, optimize and expand the aromatics industry chain, actively integrated into Yizheng City to create the strategic deployment of “one district and three places”, and insisted on innovation. Driven, green led, and structurally optimized, it has promoted the construction of a number of major projects such as 3 million tons/year PTA, the total operating volume and comprehensive competitiveness have continued to improve, and a solid step has been taken for high-quality development.

According to the layout of Sinopec’s aromatic hydrocarbon industry chain, on the basis of the construction of 3 million tons/year PTA project, in order to further extend the chain, supplement the chain, strengthen the chain, and enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of the entire industry chain, the company plans to invest 16.5 billion yuan. Build a 4 million-ton high-end green new material integration project step by step, and build a Yizheng demonstration base for Sinopec’s aromatic hydrocarbon downstream industry chain. , The total investment of the first phase is 3 billion yuan, including an annual output of 230,000 tons of intelligent polyester staple fiber, 500,000 tons of new-generation polyester bottle flakes, and 120,000 tons of PBT flexible production lines. The total investment of the second phase is 13.5 billion yuan to build a batch of high-end green new material production equipment and supporting facilities. These projects all use Sinopec’s independent research and development technology, which is the accumulation of Yihua’s technology in the polyester field for more than 40 years. Its energy consumption, material consumption, carbon emissions and other indicators are at the leading domestic level. After all are put into production, sales revenue and taxes will be greatly increased. Leaders of Yihua Company Yang Yong and Liu Nan, leaders of Yizheng City Zhongling, Liu Chunhua, Ding Xuehai, and the heads of relevant departments of Yangzhou City and Yizheng City attended the event.