Yizheng Chemical Fiber PBAT obtained EU passport

Latest News: Recently, the biodegradable material polybutylene terephthalate-adipate (PBAT) of Yizheng Chemical Fiber Co. Industrial composting certificate, got the pass for exporting the product to the EU.

Yizheng Chemical Fiber has formed a process technology and product formula for biodegradable materials with independent intellectual property rights through years of joint research and development.

In addition, Yizheng Chemical Fiber PBAT has been used in the production of large supermarket plastic bags and other products. In September 2021, Sinopec donated 100,000 Yijie brand degradable plastic bags to Zhangshanying Town, where the Yanqing competition area of ​​the Winter Olympics is located, which is made of Yizheng Chemical Fiber biodegradable material PBAT as raw material. In 2022, the agricultural mulch film made of PBAT, a biodegradable material from Yizheng Chemical Fiber, has undergone physical planting experiments in Liaoning rice, Shandong Shouguang vegetables, and Guizhou corn experimental base.