Yizumi elects Mr. Zhen Ronghui as the company’s chairman and legal representative

Latest News: Yizumi issued an announcement that the company held the first interim board meeting in 2022 on July 21, and reviewed and approved the “Regarding the Election of the Chairman of the Fourth Board of Directors of the Company and the Change of the Legal Representative of the Company” With the unanimous consent of all directors, Mr. Zhen Ronghui, a director, was elected as the chairman of the fourth session of the board of directors of the company. The term of office of the chairman is the same as that of the current board of directors.


Chairman and General Manager of Yizumi Zhen Ronghui

By consensus of all directors

Elect Director Mr. Zhen Ronghui as Chairman of the Company

According to the “Articles of Association of Guangdong Yizumi Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.” (hereinafter referred to as “Articles of Association”), the chairman of the board of directors is the legal representative of the company. , the company’s board of directors will authorize relevant personnel to handle the change of the company’s legal representative.

As of the date of this announcement, Mr. Zhen Ronghui directly holds 7,859,917 shares of the company, and indirectly holds 62,734,365 shares of the company through the controlling shareholder Jiazhuo Holdings Co., Ltd., and controls 15.05% of the company’s voting rights in total. The object of punishment has never been punished by the China Securities Regulatory Commission and other relevant departments or by the stock exchange.

The Company and all members of the Board of Directors warrant that the information disclosed is true, accurate and complete. This appointment complies with the “Company Law” and “Articles of Association”, and is in line with the requirements of the company’s normal development.

30 years of industry “veterans” at the helm

Leading the company to become a world-class player in its field

Mr. Zhen Ronghui was one of the first Hong Kongers who came to work in the Mainland after the reform and opening up. In 1986, Mr. Zhen Ronghui entered the injection molding machine industry, and successively held senior management positions in many well-known injection molding machine companies. With more than 30 years of industry experience, he enjoys a high reputation and influence in the industry.

In 2008, Mr. Zhen Ronghui served as the general manager of Yizumi and was fully responsible for the operation and management of the company. During his tenure, Mr. Zhen Ronghui fully promoted the company’s globalization strategy, comprehensively improved the company’s operational efficiency, and made every effort to enhance the company’s product strength with his international background, profound financial knowledge and rich experience in corporate management. Yizumi’s competitive strength has grown year by year. enhanced.

At present, Yizumi’s injection molding machine, die-casting machine and other businesses are firmly ranked in the top two domestically. In 2020 and 2021, Yizumi will achieve rapid growth in revenue and profits for two consecutive years, hitting record highs in a row.

Made in China and operated globally. Yizumi is determined to become a world-class enterprise in its field. When it comes to the future, Mr. Zhen Ronghui is full of confidence. He said that he must be like the “God of Su” Su Bingtian, who has the courage to change and surpass himself. It is believed that through the efforts of all staff, Yizumi will move forward and run towards the goal.