Dongguan Lichuang’s revolutionary water-based mold release agent – safe, environmentally friendly and economical

Latest News: PU toy production is a revolutionary supporting water-based mold release agent – safe, environmentally friendly and economical.

PU mold release agent has developed from early butter and floor wax to solvent-based mold release agent, and has been widely used because of its convenient use, fast drying and high production efficiency. However, with the development of society, some disadvantages of solvent-based mold release agents have also emerged, such as a large number of VOC emissions, flammability, toxicity, etc., the needs of enterprises for safe production, and the improvement of employee safety awareness, so water-based mold release agents are The future direction of development is beyond doubt.

Dongguan Lichuang Co., Ltd. timely launched WRA-750 water-based mold release agent, which is used in spray mold cleaning products (PU toys, self-skinning). And with safety, environmental protection and fast drying, WRA-750 water-based mold release agent has the following advantages:

1. Excellent environment:

Using water as a diluent greatly reduces the emission of volatile organic compounds (VOC) during use, and at the same time greatly improves the environment of the workplace, which is beneficial to the health of the staff.

2. Reduce risk:

The traditional mold release agent uses 120# white oil as a diluent, and 120# white oil is a highly flammable substance, so there is a risk of fire during storage and use; the storage and use of water-based mold release agents are extremely Greatly reduces the risk of fire.

3. Reduce costs:

1. Directly reduce the cost of raw materials: the water-based mold release agent uses a 0.3~0.5mm diameter spray gun, compared with the 1.0~1.5mm diameter spray gun used for the traditional solvent-based mold release agent, the spraying amount per unit time is reduced by 20~30%, thus It can be seen that the cost of the release agent is directly reduced.

2. Warehouse cost: Solvent-based mold release agent needs to be stored in 120# white oil, while water-based mold release agent uses water as a diluent, which can be taken as needed, saving the storage area of ​​the warehouse.

3. Environmental cost: Traditional mold release agents produce a large amount of organic waste gas during use. In order to meet emission requirements, enterprises need to configure exhaust gas treatment facilities and pay for daily operation and maintenance costs; water-based mold release agents emit very little organic waste gas. Lighten the burden on the business.

4. Safety cost: Water-based mold release agent uses water as a diluent, and the fire hazard from storage to use is greatly reduced compared with solvent-based mold release agents. For managers, the input cost of safety will also be reduced accordingly.

Considering the above factors: raw material cost, equipment cost, safety cost, occupational disease reduction and other factors, WRA-750 water-based mold release agent is competitive in the market.