Three cross-border acquisitions in four years, Hengshen sits firmly in the industry leader

Latest News: Acquired Fubond to gain the global voice of caprolactam; Acquired Air Liquide to achieve independent production of gas raw materials; Acquired Ankero to enter high-end engineering plastics.

Three cross-border acquisitions in four years, Hengshen remains the industry leader

On the 14th, Fujian Hengshen Engineering Plastics Co., Ltd. under Hengshen Holding Group and AKRO-PLASTIC under the German Feddersen Group
GmbH (Ankoro for short) conducted online equity delivery, and Hengshen thus possessed the most cutting-edge production technology in the field of modified engineering plastics in the world, achieved breakthroughs from textile materials to high-end engineering plastics, and became the first polyamide-based engineering plastics company in China. A local high-end engineering plastics company that integrates the industrial chain.

From Fubond’s caprolactam plant in the Netherlands to a wholly-owned subsidiary of Air Liquide in France, and then to Ankoro in Germany, as a private enterprise in Fuzhou, Hengshen has made three cross-border acquisitions in four years since 2018, securing the top spot in the global caprolactam industry. .

Caprolactam, the raw material of engineering plastics, is a high-performance plastic that can be used as engineering material and replaces metal to manufacture machine parts. It is widely used in electrical and electronic, automobile, machinery, aerospace and other industries. “Due to technological gaps, 100% of domestic caprolactam is used for textiles, while 90% of foreign caprolactam is used to produce engineering plastics with higher gold content,” said Chen Zhong, president of Hengshen.

In this transaction, Hengshen Engineering Plastics Co., Ltd. holds 51% of the shares of Ankeluo Engineering Plastics (Changzhou) Co., Ltd., breaking the international monopoly. “This acquisition marks that we can walk from ‘one leg’ to ‘two legs’, and also means that we have the right to speak in the high-end industry.” Chen Zhong said, Hengshen plans to continue to develop in Changzhou, give full play to its own research and development technology and Advantages of operation mode, focusing on the production of automotive and electrical engineering plastics.

“Every acquisition is a layout that has the right to speak.” Chen Zhong said that in 2018, Hengshen, as the “world’s fourth” reverse acquisition and “world’s first” Fubond, became the world’s largest and the latest technology. , the most complete caprolactam production group in the industry chain, not only solves the core problems of caprolactam production technology and intellectual property rights, but more importantly, gives Chinese companies a global voice.

The strong chain does not stop, and the replenishing chain takes great strides. Hydrogen, synthetic ammonia, etc. are the industrial gas raw materials for caprolactam production, and they are the key existences like the “heart”. In 2019, after Hengshen acquired Air Liquide (Fuzhou) Co., Ltd., it has mastered production autonomy, solved the problem of stable production in the industrial chain, and effectively reduced costs.

With the security in the rear, Hengshen boldly “nuggets” the field of new materials and rushes to the “new track”. Hengshen is centered on the caprolactam industry with an annual output of 1 million tons, and by extending the upstream and downstream industrial chains, it has derived a variety of new material projects such as semiconductor raw materials, lithium battery new energy raw materials, high-end engineering plastics, and new textile and clothing materials.

“In the next step, we will strengthen the innovation and research and development capabilities of existing technologies, lead the industry standard in the field of modified engineering plastics, launch an international brand of new materials, and win world reputation for Chinese brands.” said Chen Jianlong, chairman of Hengshen.