Xinjiang Tianying Petrochemical promotes the second phase of ethylene glycol project

Latest News: Recently, Zhang Guiling, deputy director of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, and Yong Wei, deputy director, visited the Corps Tianying Petrochemical Company for research and held a symposium. Yang Youliang, Member of the Party Committee and Deputy General Manager of XPCC Investment Company, Guan Gang, Member of the Party Committee of Tianye Group, Member of the Party Committee and General Manager of Co., Ltd., and Cao Xinfeng, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of XPCC Tianying Petrochemical Company, accompanied the investigation. The research team and his party learned about the current state-owned and state-owned enterprise reform, production and operation and the progress of the second phase of the project.

Cao Xinfeng, secretary of the company’s party committee and chairman of the board, made a brief report on the company’s current safety production and the progress of the second-phase project feasibility study, and reflected the main difficulties and problems currently faced by the company. Yang Youliang, member of the Party Committee and Deputy General Manager of XPCC, and Guan Gang, General Manager of Tianye Co., Ltd., discussed the strategic development cooperation of Tianying Petrochemical Company and the research situation of the second phase project.

Xinjiang Tianying Petrochemical 300,000 tons of ethylene glycol will be constructed in two phases. The first phase of 150,000 tons uses natural gas as raw material, and the Japanese high-chemical oxalate route produces ethylene glycol. Started in 2018, this is the first domestic ethylene glycol plant using natural gas as raw material. In May 2020, Tianye Group and Xinjiang Corps Investment Company reached an agreement to invest in Tianying Petrochemical. Tianye Group dispatched a professional management team to be fully responsible for the production, operation and management of Tianying Petrochemical’s ethylene glycol.